Medical Diagnostics

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Sunday 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
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About Us


Tapadia Diagnostic Centre was established in the year 1989 with a group of dedicated professionals with the sole aim of providing quality health care to the people at the most affordable cost possible. Since its inception, the Diagnostic center has grown by leaps and bounds and today is one of the prominent diagnostic centers in the twin cities To provide these the centre is equipped with state of the art machines, cost effective and reliable technologies, a committed team of specialist doctors and paramedical and medical technologists who truly make Tapadia "a place you can trust"

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Social Responsibilities

Juvenile diabetes foundation

Juvenile diabetes foundation is established by renowned endocrinologist Dr.Bipin Sethi to help poor children who cannot access good healthcare service.By patnering with them we provide following services.

  • Insuline
  • Diagnosis
  • Consultation
  • Disposables

Thalassemia (Center for Thalassemia & Blood Disorder )

Thalassemia (Center for Thalassemia & Blood Disorder ) is supported by Bijay mandhani of Mandani Charitable Trust . Mr.Bijay mandari is a industrialist of repute philanthropist has been supporting this centre since its inception for details visit Website

Center for Thalassemia Also supported by mahesh foundation an NGO supporting medical health and educational activities to the needy and deserving

Hematology foundation an NGO has been supports Center for Thalassemia & Blood Disorder by providing resources

  • Conducting Thalassemia awareness and detection camps.
  • 700 children enrolled in our program.These children are provided with free blood transfusion services.
  • Free or subsidised chelastation services.
  • Free diagnostic services
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